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  1. Do you like answering questions He said around 60k just this year im putting my rough total estimate at 200-300k but we'll have to see when he replies
  2. Very much the opposite, needs buff Honestly some of these make me shake my head so hard that im scared my neck will snap and my head will fall off
  3. banned for probably not getting the (possibly intentional) joke in the advert
  4. banned for being in immortal blades
  5. is the "claw" an intentional joke or am I looking at this the wrong way
  6. no the pumpkin torso would be the example since 7/10 of people I see in arena has it kek
  7. banned for banning someone because of their profile picture
  8. not a good example, nightmare is above the other paperweights
  9. who pulled up his shotgun and blasted alexander to shreds
  10. this man, he publickly revealing his email and username
  11. imagine using paperweights for huggers nope couldn't be you
  12. ChooseGeno


    I have no idea what you're saying
  13. I've never heard of sotne feet sorry are they something new or this is what my mech is going to be, I have all the parts for it
  14. It was clearly an honest mistake if I got the opportunity to load myself with tokens I would do it xd Also as I've mentioned before if you don't reset Jasper, you would be suggesting that you don't want people to try to help the game. Is that really what you want to do by being stiff premium? lol
  15. I like iron boots tho cheap, good, shows your boomer status I know I'm a boomer in sm but I got those legs 2 days after I started playing reloaded
  16. Since you clearly aren't going to reset him, let's just RIP him here -------- RIP Jesper 2021 Tried to solve cheating problem
  17. I somewhat agree, not resetting him would be implying , "this is what happens to people who try to stop the cheating problem"
  18. its a nightfall and a terror cry, dont say remove terror cry because that defeats the purpose of my mech backbreaker for range control, the old scope phys meta was weak at range 6 because of the night eagle also why is axe bad im swear people are biased towards recoilers when an axe and a terror cry works just as well let me guess "yes but you need res drain res drainnnnnnnnnnnnnn"
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