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  1. when I run a build with a disintegration (backfire anni) I still die because there's no way in hell you're destroying 1.5k hp with 250-400 damage every turn
  2. ah yes instead of jumping backwards I'll teleport one space behind myself big brain 100
  3. so basically a weapon where it completely shifts the meta and pretty much everyone puts one or two on their mech because its extremely useful. seems like a great idea
  4. your anni won't save you unless your opponent is an idiot who has a grimreaper and lightning supporters or smth idk I'm in rank 7 rn and all the energy mechs rolling around in windigos or monkes with 2.2-2.7k hp
  5. no wonder you're complaining upgrade your mods you need more energy to run that against energy mains, unless you have a 2nd mech that's an energy counter
  6. rolling beasts and stormweaver aren't completely useless, stormweaver is decent and purifier needs infinite uses stormweaver needs more energy cap damage and energy drain overall, archimonde needs a big stat buff, and rolling beasts need damage buff
  7. my worst was using a flaming scope and a few other valuable heat legendaries to myth my flame battery armor it still sits there to this day in the spot right above my regen boosters
  8. hem i dont knew broe dem mekk lukz gud to mi
  9. sometems i loose brain cellz reding grammer lek dis
  10. y doe this base buff do b op
  11. if this is true I quick as hell switching to base right now
  12. I had my birthday on march 1st (4 days ago) kek
  13. this man he maxed ettin for us a true legend
  14. banned for thinking I'm stalking you when in reality I'm replying to the latest posts
  15. as expected from the richest man in supermechs
  16. why do you have recoiler legs maxed thats my setup but replace iron plate with heat engine
  17. how do you keep your calm dealing with this man if I was you I'd have started screaming at him ages ago
  18. 1. is it get rank 6 every week or never drop down below rank 6 2. how long is "a while"
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