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  1. At least anguish is a bit more useful then it was a few days ago lol
  2. you get banned for using lucky patcher ts was too lazy to fix the hacking, so gato came in and said "lights out" on the shameless hacking community
  3. It's not scammed, its more like "I fell through the very few cracks in the system help"
  4. I'm pretty sure you're just giving the nerf things for weapons that you hate, if it really mattered then why nerf all the other phys weapons, like anni and nightfall. Also why would you want to nerf modules, I can agree with nerfing dual mods but not single mods. Finally your statement "being phys is like being cancerous" is essentially saying that if you're not extremely biased like I am I'm telling you right now that you should be, its not like energy can now drain 1000 in 1 turn this is my personal opinion, you don't have to listen to me if you don't wa
  5. I've never played in the goat tourneys before but they sound fun
  6. I think they already sold it to gato games about a month/2 months ago but idk why would gato sell the game so soon anyhow
  7. im pretty sure he has other socials, in case for some reason you don't have discord
  8. The only time I've ever heard someone talk about you was ZeRo when he was doing his legacy collab thing Anyways welcome here
  9. There are two kinds of backfire weapons, the kind that are low cost, very good, and outcompete/replace current non backfire weapons, as lord gorgon mentioned, and the kind of weapon that would be good, but has such a ridiculous cost that no one really bothers to use it
  10. Try to go for maximum efficiency in lower ranks, try to use weapons that have maximum damage per cost, I've seen people kill themselves because they emp'd at the wrong moment XD Other than that, push mechs to rank 2, people in lower ranks, especially rank 15-9, sometimes lack range 2 pusher weapons, which you can take advantage of.
  11. is that a reference to grain you know grian bread that he posted in the last 5 episodes of hermitcraft or smth
  12. Hi Ad1tya It's so beautiful outside The moon is glowing, the stars a shining We can stare at the night sky, and look at the constellations, Tell interesting stories about... what HELL is like.
  13. Yes its undertale Yes I will get hated for this No it does not sound horrible
  14. I thought about this for no apparent reason so now im asking you guys What does life after death look like to you? Heaven? A fiery underworld where a zombified old devil forces you to work? ...Nothingness?
  15. but sub to my yt pls https://youtube.com/channel/UC6GJGO6Awy0PKzpYIzOormQ
  16. I personally think there are too many boxes, some useless, distracting and sidetracking me
  17. Let me flex the most blessed rank 7 box luck there is No, im not making this up, why would I be
  18. Thats 3 months in the future, remember that ts was probably too cheap to plan anything of the sort.
  19. I still don't have base, I think its a waste of time until you get to high ranks so Anyways just keep it, you'll lose all the money you've spent on it if you disable it.
  20. I changed my name to match my discord so that it was easier to recognize. Other then that im still the dumb idiot I was 3 days ago
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