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    Fyrestare reacted to Alexander for a blog entry, Upcoming Balance Changes   
    Hi Pilots,
    Even in the holidays we'll be hard at work fixing problems and cheating but there's also something else in the closet - balance. 
    We'd like to start doing semi-regular (at first we'll ramp it up to once per 2 weeks or so, we'll slow it down again over time as the game gets more balanced) balance changes to both, improve the game balance and keep the meta from getting stale, with the first being the sole priority for the next few months when it comes to balance.
    For this reason we're recruiting a balancing team to help advice us on potential changes through discussion in addition to the new "Balance Changes" suggestions category to help give us a more broad idea.
    For december (with our internal deadline at january 3) we hope to balance roughly 5-10 items, we prefer buffs over nerfs but obviously both options are in the card based on need. 
    Thank you for your patience everyone - we hope you'll help us make this game much better!
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