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  1. Jk, it was not wrong. But you clan mate maybe be mad because didn't get the titan reward. I do this few times and get kick. From clan.
  2. The titan come back and front because it run out ammo, then decide to use sniper. Smart AI It only work on few titan specially decent sniper build.
  3. No worry, you will get platanium plate in lvl 250. Hopefully
  4. Lol that was just a joke. you didn't read the fully reply yet ._. The hacker I saw is iAldoPR SM (YT) been hack.
  5. Sort of, between that cost I remember. Now im not sure, probably twice it price.
  6. 75K every 60 hour. If you wounder of for days it will be fine Small budget. It only cost 15M, cheap.
  7. Yes true, the base also cost more gold. Lucky I already max my base, gold mine, and factory. No extra cost..another benefits.
  8. Base give player huge benefits. You need craft even you don't need it, not craft when you need it. In short or long times, you need it. Ps-Base balance support 75K each-base.
  9. Lol no, I already have guardian. I mean module" If I have it rank 1 will be easy to reach... I hope get 1.
  10. I have 5, few it as myt food for P.plate But how rare is protector? I never even have 1 in 4 account I make lmao.
  11. Is claw cheap? common?
  12. The title say everything. But this one beyond my understand...
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