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  1. no I need it for my rank 8 acc, dual spartan acc and quadruple spartan acc
  2. this things is all over the place. Y'all are makin some hell of a story with a lot of bad english lmao
  3. What I meant was I don't have time to watch the ads, I can probably get around 50 tokens from raid and I always do my daily stuff, but at the end of the day, it just takes too long to farm so many tokens. I can get a lot of tokens, around 1k in 2 weeks but still, I did it when I was on summer break, nowadays, I got school. Long dead? My god, you got a spartan and dual bunker. I'd kill to have an acc like that again lol. My main is rank 7 and had like 7 divines and 8 myths. I got like 15 premium items but still, 196 mill coins like wth
  4. Imagine having enough money to buy an offer. I'm 14 and I can't buy squat lol
  5. Welp you're doing good. Keep up the good work and I hope we can chat another time
  6. 14-19 hrs a day? sheesh, no wonder you've got meta mechs lol. Welp, life is life and ya do what ya gotta go. Work and fam comes before games.
  7. Alright, understandable. Good luck with work and school or whatever ya got going on. And tbh, I think you'd be a good clan leader. Maybe you can consider it one day? I don't know, up to you man.
  8. she was having "fun" with her bf
  9. Boyo ur just the co-owner lol. and yeah the acc I gave u is somewhere close to lvl 170. Can I join on my alt? It's rank 11, if it's okay. Tryna get into WLgang 4,0 with my main 4 spartan acc for now
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