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  1. (Sorry i couldnt find a good topic it says its discussions lol) Ah yes the rank 11 10 pain im going through that right and and its like a wild west. Lets say you hoped for a heat based enemy mech but the enemy came energy. ALWAYS GO FOR THE SWEET SPOTS. There is ALWAYS a range (usually i find it 2-3) that they can only fire one weapon. Because of them being able use a weapon only once they have to burn one of their turns to walking/getting to a better range. You ALWAYS go for that sweet spot every time. If the enemy comes with heat i usually go to the range and cooldown. Another important thin
  2. Tbh this is how games like brawl stars fell down. I was a player of that game and usually i didnt got something good for a litte while but when your time comes you re gonna get lucky. Personally i dont think this game has bad drop rates (even if there is now gato games just gives us way to many tokens to progress ourselves) i wasnt the most unluckiest and the most luckiest player but i still enjoyed the game. But there is really nothing you can do in these luck based games
  3. Tbh it looks like a weird idea (which i think it is) but it might be a useful. Think it like cheaper base items thing. I know it might be not such useful for the players like CleverName and other people who maxed the arena shop . But like the majority of the people playing this game dont have the shop maxed. So i thought maybe this will ease the arena shop by a litte bit (again this is just the concept and an idea so dont take it seriously)
  4. Ok sorry man but my main langauge is not english and i didnt understand 40% of the things you wrote
  5. Again you didnt read it correctly and misunderstood it. I said that this is just an idea. No one said that the game is getting that. And i still think that this will not be balanced. I dont want it to be in the game personally but this whole topic is about an idea
  6. Kind of yes because nearly everyone uses zarkares/windigo as a torso in ranks 11-9 and as weapons they nearly never use physicals because everyone has like 60+ res on them and im someone uses physicals
  7. Yeah if they are using something like zarkares windigo or HBA i can understand they dont have any affect on them since they are made for heat
  8. Yeah thats the reason why it needs some sort of balance but i couldnt think about something to balance this Dude i fricking said that this is just an idea and it needs a lot of nerfs to balance this Read the topic correctly then answer dude.
  9. Dude this happenes to me like 20/3 campaigns i play and the campaigns gets counted.
  10. So i knew about thid a long time ago and i wanted to share it. So what happenes is that when you re on campaign (i didnt tested it on arena) with a weapon with infinite/2 uses you spam the button of the weapon. Because of you spamming there is like a 0.2 second delay where you can fire the weapon again without the game blocking you from doing that. I did that with a flaming hammer. I smacked the bot once he got pushed 3 tiles away and i literally jumped another 3 tiles to hit the bot again and the bot got knocked 3 tiles away again. (As i said i didnt tested this on an arena fight and som
  11. I think this is the reason there is 2 important elements. Heat and Energy. You cant balance both of them at the same time. Even if you re using like QCB and OP. What counter is that lets say you made an energy build and your enemy is ONLY using energy mods. They have a very litte amount of heat but they have a lot of energy. Thats the counter type im talking about.
  12. Ah yes the counter pain. Nearly everyone hates them. Your mech is based on something and they completely use mods especially on the thing your mech is based on. But lets say you re 1 win avay from getting rank 1 for the first time but fighted against a counter. What should you do? (I can just sense someone typing "go cry in a corner and leave" lol)
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