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  1. You are thinking that boxes give better items that packs, but it's because you buy more boxes than packs. But i think it's really random, because i didn't always get a legendary one in the pack, and if the pack gives 5 items, when i would still have a good chance of getting a legendary one if i bought 5 boxes. But i never tried it, because i think that buying 1 box, i have 1 chance to get what i want for just 1 attempt, while with the pack, i have 5 chances for 1 attempt.
  2. I already bought several of these premium box/pack, and i noticed the differences. Premium box most often gave me good items ranging from epic to mythical (example; Last Words) ,but NEVER gave me legendary items. Premium pack most of the time gave me 1 to 2 legendary items at once (always a premium item among them), and the epics items, sometimes only 1 good epic item also comes, the rest are all rubbish - commom/rare to epic items or bad epic items (example; Void).
  3. Thank you very much, i will try to get this sword to make one of these builds, good that i already have the physical and heat massive boots
  4. Okay thanks I think that the right build it will be useful No this is my segond mech the mais one is this
  5. i got this drone is it good or just another mythical food?
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