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  1. I see my name there so i'll just leave a dot here.
  2. Hello my name is booga booga pa pa pa. I was born in the midle rain forest in south east area. I do want to join this clan but i can't be specific as you have written down above. My best owned legendary items are 2 golem torsos and 2 sparked runners. Is that acceptable? Thank you
  3. Valiant needs a buff i guess. Seeing nowday new meta makes it unsefull to be used at top rank. I had pack of divined item of energy weapon including vals and his buddies, but now i'm suffering from top rank and throwing everything out. Rounded energy mech has 2.5 k HP including its weapon packed such as the good one bunkershell and it's clearly dissadvantage facing neither rounded phy mech or free en phy mech. You want be able to endure more than 5 turn
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