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  1. That will make Avenger better than HSA bc it will give more hp for less kg Also Avenger its a E-M torso, like windigo and naga, it need to be a good torso, but not better overall than premium ones I think on Avenger like its a "Cheap Monkey" torso, a torso its totally outclassed by them but it its a solid option if you dont have the monkeys
  2. I did my propose based on the Divine stats of Avenger (the stats you can find on WU specifically)
  3. 1550 (proposed hp) + 128 = 1678 (HSA HP)
  4. Not really, HSA it will be still better HSA will have 128 more HP, 59 max energy, 16 regen, 59 max heat and 16 cooldown
  5. Its not a secret that Avenger its the Worst torso of the game, just look at its stats: Avenger its supossed to be a High HP High weight Torso on the early days of Reloaded, but at this point of the game its totally unusable thanks to those poor heat stats. My proposal for this torso is; - Increase its HP to 1550 - Increase its Max Heat to 200 - Increase its Cooldown to 64 Pls feel free to vote on the Poll and leave your opinion about this torso. Thanks
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