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  1. i dont have ss of both rounds, but as far as i remember we won 2nd too. war final screen is wrong, it is known.
  2. i wasnt referring only to my messages when saying this
  3. chance is 0% from our side, because the clan fuse request your beloved best player sent was rejected
  4. Depends on your mechs, your starting mechs will decide what you are going to max on arena (energy and energy damage/explosive and heat damage/physical damage) also, dont max 1 category to full, better level it to 5-6 and start with another, becomes really expensive at high levels and not so worth it Armors, not so useful until you get one Titan/Base/Campaign are not useful until you have important ones at a good level
  5. this isnt funny, this is sad
  6. dual winners twice in a row @Darkweaver
  7. i like your proposal, not the offers for coins but the rest is good imo
  8. 4000 tokens for 1 Quad Core? was it worth it?
  9. Base is despised by most players, new ones follow the trend and try to remove it as soon as possible. How to make people want to use the base? I suggest the next buffs: Cut building time to half Reduce cards crafting time to half Reduce cards crafing cost to half Double gold mines max capacity/production per hour Add a token mine (max 2), i propose the next stats: At lvl 1 it will produce 1 token each 20 hours, with a max of 1 token stored At lvl 20 it will produce 1 token each hour, with a max of 20 tokens stored
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