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  1. Hello boys and girls, did you miss me? I did miss his presence, but my work is usually heavy at times and leaves me little time to play, in short, I begin by counting my current progress. I start by telling the new mythical that I just improved, my colleagues wanted me to make my Cockpit Piercer mythical, it did not last to improve it. Goodbye legendary, I'll keep doing more for future mythical. Technically I wanted to use it since legendary but it would not be useful long ago, I started testing it when I had it level 43, it is not that bad, it helps me kill enemies much faster than frantic. And when the day came because it wasn't so bad, I can use my second double teleport and many enemies always do their best to evade the shot but they harm themselves, now I need a Sacrifice Cannon. This will be the temporary aspect of my mech, if I have a better weapon it will not last to update. Regarding my drops, they are from the kick =,D. Examples: Arena Box. After accumulating the clan points I was finally able to buy another Premium Pack. I was not so excited, because I already felt that is what he was going to give me. And he ended up with at least one legendary one, I thought that not even that was going to give me. Not everything is bad, in my clan I managed to win and the S box was obtained, it is the first I obtained in my entire life. And my curiosity has already been resolved and now I know that legendary relics are given in that box, now I need two relics to Ascend. Thanks for the support . You can ask me anything, sooner or later I'll be here. That's all folks. Boys and Girls, Cuídense (Take Care) =).
  2. Good progress, I recommend that you make your base everything at lvl 15, once everything is at that level it will be your decision if you want to do it at lvl 20, I recommend that you use the Platinum Vest and one of them give them the three shields Physical/Heat/Energy, do not counter, if your mech is strong against the three types you advance faster instead of using counter and you will not be afraid if you choose wrong, the last thing is that the three mechs have to be different, the game contains a lot of counter And it would be fine if a mech is Physical, Heat and Energy, that would be all from me. Take Care.
  3. Hello everyone, how are you finding? I'm fine and I'm going to tell about my current progress. Although the bad thing is that I cannot tell much since in these weeks the work is somewhat heavy and thanks to that I cannot advance much but even so I am not going to stop. To begin with, I decided to make this physical shield drain mythical since throughout the Arena there are always many people with at least 100 physical resistance, the frantic ones do not serve me with 197 damage or less. Objects that I sacrifice It really wasn't a big deal to improve it, but I like it. If you ask yourself "why do you improve it if you know that it does not serve the maximum" the reasons is because I always improve everything to the maximum to get as many epics as possible, since sometimes I only receive rare and I am struggling to win something. And since I am recovering because I am making legendary again, I have a lot of gold again =). Without a doubt this game hates me, first with many enemies with a lot of physical and explosive resistance and no energy, the worst thing is that they always have good things while I have to find a way to stay updated. Now I start to improve my energy regeneration. It makes a lot of sense, I only plan to make legendary as much as the gold allows me, lately I am saving more than advanced, to recover, I only finish making a few improvements to my physique and I begin to improve the missing modules, all the statistics are important and not I plan to make a mech that has two capabilities to deal with but is weak to one, that's not fair play. That's all from me, if you want you can ask me anything, sooner or later I'll be there. Boys and Girls take care =).
  4. Hello everyone, how have you been without me? I'm fine, now count my current progress, I don't have much content =/. To begin with, I decided to stop creating legendary cards in my base, it consumes a lot of gold and rarely gives me legendary cards, and if I feel like it, I do more. And I have a module for my physique to the maximum, it was really worth it for me, 500 heat capacity. Also since I need capacity so much, cooling is also important. Objects that he sacrificed. I was already starting to get excited, because little by little I was having mythical modules for my Physical. It was mandatory, many heat mechs with too much physical resistance are putting me to fight. The good thing is that the Arena store helps me a lot, now I have 20% additional heat capacity, now I'm going to focus on Energy. This Portal is already old, but it still surprises me a lot, I passed it at its Maximum Difficulty =0. Yesterday I made this drone in Divino, if or if it had to be improved, almost all the time it helped me, better than my frantic. Now I reply to the comments =D. Thank you, Now my goal is to do everything possible to obtain a Plasma Fortress, so I will not be afraid of counter heat anymore =). It is true and I almost beat you, but you are stronger than me, thanks for the support, I will continue to improve. In the Arena I cannot say much, I was very lazy lately, I was tired of the Counters heat rain that I received in 2vs2 in rank 5, but I did not give up, now I only need another 3 More... That's all from me, if you want you can ask me anything, sooner or later I'll be here. Boys and Girls Take Care =).
  5. Upgrade without a doubt to TerrorBlade, it is the most powerful weapon of heat objects for now. (I want to believe that).
  6. Hello girls and boys, I come to tell about my current Progress, this time it is a lot of content =). Start with the improvements for my second mech, I have gotten a double module and do not hesitate to improve it. Sacrificed objects. I already knew what the module was for, so I'm happy. Like my heat, the module ended up being very helpful. While that was happening, this was my first war in WLGang 3.0. I was so excited to see S Boxes give up so much that I fought hard. But I lost the excitement in the next round. Anyway, I don't mind losing or winning, I'm happy to receive epic relics =). Speaking of mechs, the second mech had a lot of weight so I lowered it to have room with the module and now it looks like this. To be honest I would like a Plasma Fortress, but still, thanks for the item. And sure enough, the base gave me something too. And I can't stop admitting it, I managed to overcome my limitations, I reached rank 5 in Season 3vs3 and I thought it was very nice. And I thank all the friends and followers who were here observing my story, I will continue fighting for you and my fellow WLGang. All this happened in 3vs3, I really did not have words at this time, but I appreciate that you continue reading here =,). I take advantage of buying improvements for the Arena. And indeed I already knew what they were going to give me. I really don't care if I get rare items, I know that being incomplete I can give my best and that is what makes me special. This will be my last divine of my heat for now, the following divine go to my physique now. And I currently have another module for my newly mythical physique. I still remember when I wanted a Heat Engine so badly, now I upgrade it for my second mech. Objects that I sacrifice. And finally, I managed to beat the final boss of 2vs2 in hard. There is not much difference, but I am happy. That's all for today, if you want to ask me anything, sooner or later I'll be here. Thanks for the support and I will stay in Rank 5 now in Season 2vs2. Boys and Girls Take Care...
  7. Hello everyone, how are you? Did you miss me? Because I missed you all =,). Now I start by counting my current progress =). After a long time I begin to show a new mythical =,). This will be the last mythical attack that I improve, I get tired of my enemies always using their second mech against my heat, while keeping a divine emp or heat bomb against my physique. Regarding the drone, from the beginning to the end it helped me a lot, even doing more damage than my frantic, definitely my favorite physical item =D. Once reaching lvl 50 it is time for the counters to feel terror as I will start to improve my modules. Now I have 40% physical resistance, my heat mech now has 160 physical resistance, I did not think to go that far, the physical counters do not have it easy against my heat as before =). Now with a mech of almost full mythical weaponry I managed to reach Rank 6, I could not reach more. I had to wait and the day came. The rewards made me very sad but not so sad, now I have a new Divine for my collection. I just make one more divine and start creating divine for my second mech =0. Thanks to the bugs I missed the most epic moment =,) Thank you if you were waiting for this chapter, I think it will take longer to show my progress thanks to the fact that I can only send one message each week, but I will still be here in case you need me. Take good care of yourselves and thank you
  8. Lately I am trying to count my progress on a topic, but what I find annoying is that they mix with each other, I decided to find a solution in some topics but apparently you have to wait a week for you to comment on your own comment, I understand that You may have reasons for such action, but at this rate I will have to comment once every 8 days It should be separated by now, but apparently the week is not over.
  9. My previous clan no longer gives what I need, so I plan to update, I will be looking for a clan to I stay there, here I pass my data. They know me as Sailor Mars, I can collect 120 tickets a day, I do damage to the titan, my team of mechs is regular in the war, I currently do 5 wins a day, I can increase to 7, I am in rank 10-7 in all the Season. I will return tomorrow to see which clans are the ones that recommend me, take care of yourself.
  10. Incredible, my post more recently got mixed up with the previous one, many surely missed this part because of this mistake, well, I hope this one has not joined as well. Well now putting that aside, we start with my current progress. My physical module already made it to lvl 50, now I have 144 physical resistance and I can increase even more =D. And thanks to the module I managed to reach Rank 7 for the first time =,D. I was really very excited about my reward, I thought that he would give me two epic relics but it was not like that. It was the first legendary relic of my life =,). Now I can finally make my Molten Platinum Vest Divino at any time UwU. Legendary reward from my base. That's all from me, you can ask me anything, sooner or later I'll be here. Boys and Girls Take Care =,). Hello boys and girls, how are you, I am currently here to tell you about my current progress =). We start with my next mythical, My second Frantic, so that it does not look like a lie, I take a screenshot of the item. And these are the objects that I sacrificed. Not everyone liked that I showed my second Frantic, just don't insult me =(. At first it didn't help me much but when I made it lvl 50 it already killed enemies very quickly including some full mythical. I repeat again, do not hate me =(. Now it is much easier to reach Rank 7, I was once nowhere near reaching rank 6, but I could not =/. While I advanced, my clan is far behind, neither tickes, nor 200 wins, sometimes, and pure common relic I had in wars, I had no other option... Like my first clan, it was time to say goodbye, thank you Claim Bulldozer for giving me your support when I need it, but I need to grow. Open a dedicated forum to search for a clan and make a decision. And guys I love my new clan, at first it was a bit empty but with time it filled up again, now I will see how far I can go in this clan =). Currently a new legendary came to me and I was surprised. I already had one, now I have two and I will use it for my second mech, I will have to remove the Claw for the module, but it will be worth it =,). If you want you can ask me anything, sooner or later I'll be here.
  11. Me parece bien que cuentes de tus avances, estaré esperando el próximo avance =). I think it's good of you to translate, they usually ask the same authors to translate it, well there
  12. Hello everyone, how are you today, For my part I am fine and I come to tell my life in Super Mechs . Starting with my battle in 3vs3, it was horrible and too buggy, I literally couldn't do much. I did not give up and decided to keep fighting until I reached the final battle. Although the mech was made of paper, he could not say the same with his weapons. In the end I managed to defeat Hell Gate, I felt calm about the achievement of the year UwU. As always my rewards are rare items =). But getting 500k gold and three legendary relics in a single box is definitely the boss's best reward, not to mention the tokens =,D. Regarding the Arena, I finally manage to reach R8, it means that I am recovering =). I already managed to maximize my Frantic Brute, the next mythical will be Platinum Fortress so that my heat is no longer easy to kill. Responding to comments. Me parece bien esperar a tener mejores armas Energy para poder combinarlo con mi espada Energy, respecto a la Frantic, me ayuda a limpiar uno que otro counter, pero le seguiré mejorando a mi físico =). Gracias por el apoyo UwU. Well then take advantage of that curse to build decent energy builds. You can ask me anything, sooner or later I'll be here. Boys and Girls, Take care =). Hello everyone, it's me again, today I come to tell about my current progress =). Started in some improvements for the Arena, I finally have 20% additional physical damage, now I can max without fear of my physical UwU. The heat once again had updates, saying goodbye to Massive Stone Feet, and in its replacement to the Lava version, right? It is to have a little explosive resistance =,). Now I have a new mythical for my heat, sacrificing these objects =,). For this reason I decided to kill Hell Gate, since this module will help me a lot =0. Like the Energy it will be a bit useless for now, but to the maximum =). Regarding me, I liked my blue badge better, it combined a lot with my Avatar =,). That's all from me, you can ask me anything, sooner or later I'll be here. Boys and Girls, Take Care .
  13. Hello guys and girls it's me again, today I come to tell about my current progress =). After WindForge it didn't stop my Energy Premium drops, so I suffered, although people want to make it mythical one day =/. Meanwhile there was a Gold Portal and I bought a usual Premium Box and this was my surprise. Now it will be my next mythical since it gives my first mech 100 physical resistance and 2220 hp, in full level 1, so while I sacrifice these objects =D. I am surprised that at level 1 mythical it has too many differences compared to level 40 legendary, but it helps me too much compared to before that it did 1 damage at level 30 =/. Anyway, sooner or later I'm going to have 2 UwU. This should I make it mythical one day?. With few improvements I decided to go against the penultimate boss, the fight was too easy, but the campaign not so much, many bugs =0. Base reward UwU. I will answer some comments. Equally nice . That's all from me, you can ask me anything, sooner or later I'll be here. Take care because I doubt very much that she will come out alive here...
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