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  1. I thought I would never be here again, but hey, I have no limits. So I will tell of my current progress =D. Finally I got it, another lvl 50 module for my first mech, but I don't know whether to do Energy Fortress or Energy Engine =I. My clan did not last anything, so I deleted it, it was fun while it lasted =,). Regarding my base, I think I can already say that it is complete, "My way" I am not going to make the other factories of objects at lvl 20, it would be a lot to wait =/. And yes, it was a bit expensive for me. As I have limitations with the epics I decided to make some to see if I have a Legendary chance, I really don't care if I have a trashy one, I am really happy because I can progress faster. It would be great to fight with 1k heat, it is only possible in campaign =,). Finally, how can I get legendary relics?, I have simply found people of rank 15-10 to get at least one, and I never received relics of that category, let alone epics, I only got pure rare. It would be very good to have all 5, to make my main torso divine, I know that its statistics are ridiculous to invest 1,000,000 gold, but I would be willing to improve, the torso helps me a lot against physical without even having a resistance module =,). Thanks. I agree, my build is very strong against heats and I have energy to spare with his second mech, I do not regret having invested gold and time in the module UwU. So far I have come, I thought I could not return and I apologize for my inactivity, I usually do not have the luxury of seeing the forums. This version of the forum feels a bit strange for me, well at least I can get used to it and I love being able to have badges =), I won't be special but it is a reason to be here still, I would return anyway =D. Now I'm going to work, take good care of yourselves .
  2. Hello guys and girls, it's me again and I come to tell you about my current progress =D. More modules to do is equal to stronger I will be UwU. I just made a new mythical one, but this time a Premium one. This really dreamed of making it mythical, not only does it increase my heat capacity but also the energy as well =D. And I just created a clan, to have reasons to be in SM UwU. Thank you very much, I really appreciate it. That's all from me, if you want you can ask me anything, sooner or later I'll be here. Boys and Girls, Take Care =,).
  3. Well to be honest, I don't have much to tell, but it is a great achievement for me, a feat that I want to tell =D. For the first time I managed to reach Rank 8, after having a lot of bad news and horrible moments, finally something good after much suffering, the day came. And when I commented on my achievement, many Rank 7 and Rank 12 began to send me a lot of requests for vs, clan and insults are never lacking, but I no longer cared, because I had committed my goal to overcome rank 11 and 12, now I will try to overcome My achievement, I will continue to build my team of mechs, and see how far I can go... Congratulations, I'm going to improve my physical stamina when I can. Thanks for the support, I was feeling a bit empty lately. If you want you can ask me anything, sooner or later I'll be there, that's all from me =). 남학생과 여학생 여러분, 잘 돌봐 주시고 지원 해주신 분들께 감사드립니다 UwU.
  4. Hello guys and girls, it's me again, today I come to tell about my current progress =). I have finally managed to make my Heat Engine level 50 at last, 513 of heat capacity and 280 of cooling, now the heat counters do not have it easy every time . After much thinking, I decided to upgrade my drone. There are very few improvements to be honest, but I use it a lot and it may serve me a lot. It's getting easier to do 300 damage with the drone UwU With paint it looks good. Now I respond to the comments. It is ugly to have little resistance, I recommend that if so, try to use a weapon that breaks their shields a lot, that is if your mech is heat. That looks good, I have 77 physical resistance and 70 electrical . Amazing . It will be difficult with I then . If you want you can ask me anything, sooner or later I'll be here. That's all from me =). Boys and Girls Take Care =D
  5. Hello guys and girls it's me again =), today I come to tell about my current progress. I know it's late, but I finally made my first module at lvl 50. Speaking of Modules, I just made a new one, these are the items he sacrificed. I already needed it, I got tired of losing against people with a lot of heat capacity. The next module may be the one with the most heat and energy capacity... I already have relics for my next divine, but I don't know which one. Last Friday I did a raid test, but what is this supposed to be? It says that I won a prize, but I did not receive anything. Unfortunately I left my clan, because I have activity problems, and if I have free time I will find everything again. Now I answer comments UwU. Congratulations, but I'm not a match to face you =,). About that, well, I don't have a single module that gives me resistance, that's why I hate facing people with resistance of 54-114 heat, while I only have 19, the game does not give me constant epics =(. Thanks UwU. Guys, this is not a Dictionary . I apologize for my inactivity, I had many complications and constant bad news, I think I will still receive more =(. That's all from me, Boys and Girls Take Care Much =,).
  6. This is very depressing in my opinion, I win more in winning against a boss in normal than in this. I know there are people who could not stand up to the insane, but the tokens that they rewarded were what motivated us to win the portal, A waste of fuel.
  7. Hello boys and girls, it's me again, I come to tell you about my current progress. My first Mythic module in all of SM, And the items he sacrificed to make it. I was thinking about Heat Engine but my heat capacity is decent for now, but my cooling was rubbish, 234 doesn't help me much =(. I will make another four modules to mythical, so my mech can battle against people rank 8 being only 1 =D. And finally, a friend recommended this clan to me, I had many offers but the leaders were not even connected =O. Now I respond to the comments. I congratulate you If you want you can ask me anything, sooner or later I'll be here. That's all from me, Boys and Girls Take Care UwU.
  8. I only have rank 10, it seems that I will not be able to be in a clan =,D
  9. A thousand apologies, on the day where I could respond there was a failure in the light exploding something, but it was restored. Now I answer the comments. Thanks =D What bothers me is that if they lose only once, they will use an exclusive counter from you, or use their strongest build, and for me it is very annoying since I face a Rank 5-3 me being R10, and it is not one They are 4 I think, and worse, some make fun of not beating them or if they lose they get very toxic =/. I realized it when I was rank 15, so I save everything I have, now I have 1500000 gold I think =D. I can understand because of the lack of time, but what need for them to make fun of players who do not deserve to lose due to a slightly unfair match? I only used epics when I was rank 15, while they the only epic they had was their torso and that's it, or also mythical they had it. Maybe I start doing it too. Thanks for the advice. Equally =). Me too, someone leave, but others fight this unfair =/. I will make it mythical for collection, not for now =D. It is very sad to know that, but if you are lucky they may give you something good. About my current progress... My current enemies have a cooling of 250-400 while the heat capacity has of 490-800 so I plan to improve my modules, once I finish I will make my second mech mythical. If you want you can ask me anything, sooner or later I'll be here. That's all from me, Boys and Girls Take Care =D.
  10. I will think about it a lot, since one gave me space too.
  11. I'm surprised you have your progress forum, take my like =).
  12. Hello guys and girls it's me again, I come to tell my current progress. I start with my mythical level 50, I did my best to level it up as slowly as possible since I am saving as much gold as I can and epics along the way. In the meantime, I achieved it, I reached 300 wins this season, after two unsuccessful months I fulfilled my achievement The bad thing is that I plan to leave my clan, I appreciate all those moments of support and happiness that they have given me, but I am falling far behind and I need to improve, maybe I will return when I feel sad or be very strong to support more than I am. now = (. If you see that I keep sending responses it is because now I am connected, I have received many responses, for now I will be here answering UwU. I was watching, I had no idea of the things that SM had, so "in my mind" I would do these builds, hopefully =(. First Second Third It's not the best but it will be fun to make it happen =,D
  13. Hi guys and girls, it's me again, I come to tell you about my current progress =D. Finally I reached 2k of clan coins, by the way I had 670 tokens, so I had the luxury of buying three Premium Packs, and this they gave me. These are from the clan. These are tokens purchases. I wasn't really expecting much so I'm not on the regretful, I'm not interested in having many Premiums, I only collect epic-legendary for future mythicals =D. Here I have the objects that I sacrificed. And speaking of which I have a new Mythical, I will upload it slowly to have more epics UwU. I'm really tired of 56-114 explosive resistance enemies. This rank is very random, or they give me enemies of rank 20-5, it's funny that I win against people of rank 5 for joke. Finally I will finish making my base to full lvl 20, after a lot of time invested =0. Now I answer the comments. Thanks for the support, and it is true, many high-ranking people tend to go down to make many wins, It is annoying but they find it useful for them, Once I have my second mech ready, I will win in my corresponding rank, although it costs me but I will give my best attempt. P= @OKI DOKI Congratulations on your +1000 points, I give you one more to support you. This is all from me. If you want you can ask me anything, sooner or later I'll be here. Boys and Girls, Take Care
  14. Hey guys and girls, it's me again, today I come to tell you about my current activity. I managed to make my drone level 50, It really helps me a lot, but it's backfire is a bit expensive, Although the damage it does next to my weapons is very good, I almost win 1vs1 against a rank 5 =/. Unfortunately I don't think the next fight against the titan will be assured, but the next round even losing I will finally reach 2k =,D. Meanwhile accumulate as many tokens as I can to see how many I win, I am not really interested in the "PREMIUMS" because I have neither epics nor legendary to improve them, who knows, I really do not know the premium items yet. Now I answer your comments =). I do not know if it is better or worse, but it really is very useful, many enemies have the desire to use their second mechs, the drone and weapons help me to eliminate them quickly, having weapons to spare for their first mech, now I need something to do myself more resistant, but I do not regret making my drone mythical =). It is true, I only make some last improvements and now I will dedicate myself to improving my second mech, sometimes it is tiring to do 1vs2, and many current rivals have everything improving to level 50, including their modules, I do not know how but luckily I win even so, not all. If you want you can ask me anything, sooner or later I'll be here, That's all from me UwU. Boys and Girls take care =D.
  15. Really if it can be annoying that they insult you every game for false accusations, in my case if I lose they mock saying something like "GG P2W Noob", but if I win now they complain saying "You only win for P2W" even though for now I can't give myself the luxury of spending, everything I have I earn by luck and the paint is because sometimes I have tokens left over from events, giving me the luxury of acquiring white paint. I think putting white paint on my mechs was not a good idea.
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