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  1. Thx bro I'm just a old guy '89'
  2. Hope they do rise to the top its sad 2 see htk fall hope they get there loyal members back or amazing new players join we should not allow HTK and it's legacy 2 fade away (RE)JOIN 4 BESTY
  3. XIII


    Looks amazing would be sweet 2 have could fit in between axe and hammer 2or 3 push would be fun I guess
  4. Hey clever it's 13 back from the dead hru doing have u already popped The question to your lady
  5. Mayby I wander around rank 5/4/3 depending how much time I have
  6. XIII OR 13 Drinker of tears
  7. Hey guyzz and girlzz been away for a while wil be redeploying in a few days hope 2 see all my buddy's and respected rivals hope u are all doing great stay save and my rngsus be with u
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