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  1. i open the game but the game window doesnt seem to appear its just there running in the background
  2. clear paint to remove the black paint and just have the level 1 color lol
  3. lol i got it randomly with the current top rank phys mechs i just hoped it will be useful... my idea of full stat will be: 25 weight 225-342 damage 40 phys res drain 2-4 range 1 knockback 2 uses 0 energy cost 25 heat cost what do you guys think? try imagining it with some phys mechs
  4. lol time to make stupid suggestion even if you make it unlimited use with the current damage will you use it? so here is my dumb idea: keep the current one and add: 1) 1 push 2) res break 3) nothing else with the current 2 uses and and current damage i think it isnt a bad idea to put that features rather than the fact that it is supposed to be similar to sorrow and not have an completely different function than it... (you decide if this idea is bad or not) also i have no idea if the weight should be lighter or heavier, all i know is you should buff it i got it and im mad and im gonna cry now bye
  5. i cant watch ads for rewards for 3 weeks already, and there is still ads for campaign but nothing for rewards like tokens i dont know why its happening but all i know is it started when i got 100.1% xp lol i dont have premium or anything im poor
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