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  1. Re:zero isn't even that perma-scarring sol : the quintessential quintuplets action: i don't know... seven deadly sins or something
  2. for one special day (Maybe SM's anniversary) just make the prices of premium packs way smaller and increase the chances of legendaries by 75% or some sht
  3. i just think of it as a neat secret update/plot twist
  4. regarding my first post here lmao top 10, goes from best to "worst" 1. K-On! 2. The Quintessential Quintuplets 3. Re:zero (arguably #2) 4. Konosuba 5. Rent a girlfriend competing with Tonikawa: over the moon for you 6. miss kobayashi's dragon maid 7. Attack on titan 8. Blend s 9. seven deadly sins 10. (and don't judge me) High School DxD now, when i say "goes from best to "worst"" it doesn't mean i hate it, all of these anime i actually like, theres none i dislike Even the "worst" tier is still good imo, but its just not as enjoyable as the others on the list
  5. give up on your dream and die ah yes, character
  6. well what do i do then, i guess im just "spreading" your idea
  7. thats about what i said 65% titan rewards, they're already that hard to get, atleast for me
  8. ah yes, somehow drop my fps even more AAHHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHHHAHAHHAH.mp4
  9. god mode comes back stronger than ever, defeats alex, and then destroys the world as the new big update i dunno, worldwide raid boss although just saying that makes me go completely off-course
  10. i don't know... i just kinda want more variety than type item portals
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