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  1. Of course instant quit replays shall be made visible . There is not even a subject of negotiation . Common logic . I wonder why they arent visible already .
  2. The drop rates are fine ! Gato already gives us more ''free'' Tokens which equals with better drop rates .
  3. I see thanks for the info
  4. @OKI DOKI which mech warrior the 5 ?
  5. Looking forward to come out ...I am pretty sure it will be better that total war series! .
  6. Looking forward to come out but I think it will need 8gb ram at least to run
  7. @Elcent , @Marija and the rest of this clans members ...what is happening over there !?
  8. The new event boosted arena participation at 50% Ussually were 400 players on line ...today are 600 plus players on line . Seems that @Alexander 's tactic boosted the interesting by 50% Well done . Good tactic . Continue like that . On the other side please do something with the counters problem on the arena Counters costs at least 4 stars per day on players rank while at the same time ruins the fun .
  9. Does somebody knows when Gato events starts ?
  10. Hello it is happening a ban wave right now ? Thanks in advance .
  11. '' The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently. '' Friedrich Nietzsche
  12. @Jiyoon can you write down and the general rules about raid on your main post ?? For example if backfire weapons changes the score . Or if matters the hps somebody have ... etc etc
  13. @L4K3 be cautious with your manners , It is not discord here . Reported .
  14. Guys please ....dont exchange messages here ...share your quote ....share your reply within a quote perhaps just dont conversate here please . Thank you .
  15. Great ! Guys dont forget to post the authors name on the bottom
  16. Right I catch your point Thats the easiest solution for pushing rounder mechs on the arena . Clever idea and easy ! A big YES by me
  17. Aaaa I seee ....so you are speaking about a button that will take the bad feelings of wrong choise away from the players while on 2v2 ....hmmmm ....you know you can go on arena with 2 mechs ....so you wont have to choose - take the responsability on your shoulders .....this is going to cast the bad spirits away Ranking system ...another one subject that I was thinking of recently !
  18. @SawzAll you know ... I cant say if I agree or not to your sudjestion , but I realise that you are struggling to find a solution about 2v2 arena ....so what do you think is the thing that ruins this arena ? the flip coin thing ? @Lord Gorgon I think dont like how 2V2 arena works as well... but I dont know his ideas . I already tried to give a solution to the arena which is the 98% of the game . I said that there should be a type of filter on arena ....for example I said that a filter which will prevent all players to go counter ...a filter that would ''force '' all players to equip 3-4
  19. The truth is that at first I wasnt so positive on that , but reading your script you convinced me . I will vote yes. As for me I would prefer to not be choise screen at all ... We can enter the arena with 2 mechs with the order we wish and thats it Right ?
  20. I dont think this is a good idea .
  21. True . And you know what ? At the same time they broke in general the pure builds heat/en/phys. The rounders . Especially pure phys ( non free en ) felt it a lottt on the last balance . But I think the game rn is on the limits ...on the good road . The next balance changes should be VERY VERY specific . On the coming balance I think the team should consentrate on pure builds ( rounders ) buff ! Thats where the team should be consentrate . To boost the rounders playing style . Because as we all saw ...semi en free ....counters etc playing styles ruins the balances !!! And you kn
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