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  1. The game right now is overloaded of hackers , A hackers top 10 clan . really decades hackers !!! @Alexander You have the responsability to do a tough job against hackers . Should we wait some good news or not ?
  2. The game is full of hackers right now ...again . They are growing like mushrooms . Their motivation and problem are the flagship hackers . @Alexander please clean the game from the flagship hackers . Only like that the game might have a healthy future . As far as you dont do that , the game will get ruined day by day . Hackers borns more hackers . Just like fish is smelling from its head . Cheers .
  3. Of course instant quit replays shall be made visible . There is not even a subject of negotiation . Common logic . I wonder why they arent visible already .
  4. The drop rates are fine ! Gato already gives us more ''free'' Tokens which equals with better drop rates .
  5. I see thanks for the info
  6. @OKI DOKI which mech warrior the 5 ?
  7. Looking forward to come out ...I am pretty sure it will be better that total war series! .
  8. Looking forward to come out but I think it will need 8gb ram at least to run
  9. @Elcent , @Marija and the rest of this clans members ...what is happening over there !?
  10. The new event boosted arena participation at 50% Ussually were 400 players on line ...today are 600 plus players on line . Seems that @Alexander 's tactic boosted the interesting by 50% Well done . Good tactic . Continue like that . On the other side please do something with the counters problem on the arena Counters costs at least 4 stars per day on players rank while at the same time ruins the fun .
  11. Does somebody knows when Gato events starts ?
  12. Hello it is happening a ban wave right now ? Thanks in advance .
  13. '' The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently. '' Friedrich Nietzsche
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