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  1. Good idea to tell you. I will try to do it somehow in the game.
  2. If you were looking for the god of epics, then this is me.
  3. In case you don’t understand, this fanart was a joke that ridiculed the answer that there were no suitable ideas for a new gun.
  4. (Spooky voice) How do you know won't steal your data right now. Do you even care what hands you are in? Google may not tell you, but right now it knows everything about you. Think about it.
  5. The very first where the desert.
  6. Why often with hybrid objects paint color purple?
  7. I advise you to grind the 3rd or 4th level. Mix boxes with a high chance will fall from almost from the sky. Pros: This wastes very few batteries. With premium, you have a 100% chance to get boxing. IT'S FREE.
  8. https://discord.gg/sCrSy7qb Sorry, I forgot to add a link
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