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  1. Yeah, costing some coins will be nice and I thinked about 2 commons for rare 3 rares for epic and 4 epics for legendary, but honestly, it'll be too much because you'll need like 24 coommon relics to get 1 legendary relic
  2. As a lot of players know, after you reach a high rank (ranks 5-1) you start accumulating lots of commom and rare relics and you can't do much with them. Most of the itens you'll need divine require only the epics and mainly the legendaries reliquies. (You rarely use the commons and the rares relics to divine some item). The following is, I thought about a system that you can covert your relics. For exemple: You need 2 common relics for 1 rare relic, 2 rare relics for an epic relic and for the last, 2 epic relics for a legendary relic. With this reasoning, high rank players will not accumu
  3. Range : 3-6 ; Heat cost : 31 ; Energy cost : 31 ; Damage : 217-356 ; Resistance drain : 25 ; 3 uses and 43 kg. In my opinion, with this rework the weapon will be more balanced, a decent weapon for F2P players and new strategies will arise.
  4. I have my disposition to help! :)
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