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  1. You're blaming hackers on me? First off; I never quit the game so take your bs somewhere else please. Secondly, the hackers hide in low ranks so they don't get banned. Instead of blaming me, go report them
  2. Firstly, I haven't sent any images. Secondly, it's not off topic. Uh, 3 weeks ago, I started doing my school exams
  3. How drunk were you while typing this? Both your points are wrong
  4. I'm just trying to figure out how polls work. If they can work in the way I hope for them to work, with Alex's permission I may be able to bring back something I did on the old forum which people enjoyed
  5. As soon as I enter arena after posting that
  6. I've been asked like 10 time in arena if I wanna join trolls ;-;
  7. Personally, I prefer WarrMachines rework of EMP over the buff. Having emp do 485 energy drain with max arena buffs + 260 from other weapon and drone, that's a rounded mech gone in one turn
  8. I'm just here to say that I have an ice lolly. That's it, bai bai
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