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  1. Alexander

    Merry Christmas!

    Hi Pilots, We wish you all a very merry christmas from SuperMechs! To celebrate, we have a couple of gifts for you. As some of you may have seen in your notification, everyone is able to collect a free christmas box. If you didn't get the notification, you can also collect it here. On top of that, there's another special treat for those who follow us actively. You can collect a free Snowball Perk - make sure to pass the link on to your friends as well! https://shorturl.is/wY8Qr Collect them soon as they'll expire in a few days. Enjoy the game and again, merry christmas!
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  2. Alexander

    Balance Update 03-01-2020

    Hi Pilots, We've prepared a balance update that will go live a bit over 2 hours from time of writing with the following changes: Torsos Windigo Epic base HP 309 -> 329 Legendary base HP 480 -> 580 Mythical base HP 694 -> 825 phys Res 22 -> 30 Naga Epic base HP 309 -> 329 Legendary base HP 480 -> 580 Mythical base HP 694 -> 825 phys Res 22 -> 30 Molten Platinum Vest Legendary base HP 480 -> 580 Mythical base HP 694 -> 815 phys Res 44 -> 55 Lightning Platinum Vest Legendary base HP 480 -> 580 Mythical base HP 694 -> 815 phys Res 44 -> 55 Nightmare Epic base HP 277 -> 297 Legendary base HP 430 -> 490 Mythical base HP 621 -> 775 phys Res 22 -> 30 Weapons Frantic Brute Epic heat cost 18 -> 23 energy cost 4 -> 9 Legendary heat cost 32 -> 42 energy cost 6 -> 16 Mythical heat cost 50 -> 70 energy cost 10 -> 30 min damage 52 -> 152 max damage 482 -> 382 Frantic Flame Mythical min damage 58 -> 108 max damage 359 -> 309 Frantic Lightning Mythical min damage 58 -> 108 max damage 344 -> 294 Malice Beam Legendary energy damage 64 -> 74 Mythical energy damage 94 -> 104 Drones Swoop Legendary min damage 28 -> 33 max damage 45 -> 50 heat damage 30 -> 35 Mythical min damage 42 -> 65 max damage 68 -> 91 heat damage 44 -> 70 Anguish Legendary energy damage 25 -> 23 energy regen damage 4 -> 5 weight 30 -> 28 Mythical energy damage 36 -> 33 energy regen damage 7 -> 10 weight 30 -> 28 Thank you everyone for your patience with us! We hope this update will pave the way to a more balanced game where every item you get feels like it may be useful to you. We intend to update an additional 5-10 items late jan, with an internal deadline at mid feb. We'll evaluate this update in the next few weeks and apply any needed additional nerfs or buffs to these items based on that. Please keep in mind though, they are intended to be stronger than their former peers, the idea was to bring them up to the level of the very best items in the game right now, not to the level of the average item. The other items will get the same treatment over time. If it turns out they're still a class beneath the best items for their purpose, they'll receive another buff soon. If it turns out they completely replace the best items, they'll get a corrective nerf soon. They should be a choice, you should feel like you can build a top build with both these items and the current best items. The difference between premium and non premium items should exist, but not be so major as to make premiums not worth it. The difference between C-M and E-M should exist, but not be so major as to make a C-M lose every single matchup to an E-M. Hope that makes things clear! As for the reasonings: Various torsos were buffed to account for the stronger physical drones, the larger HP going around the meta and the current meta dominance of the so-lovingly dubbed "Monkeys". More will follow. Thank you @Lord Gorgon and @SawzAll for creating in depth topics suggesting broad balance changes and more specific ones as well. Frantic Brute was reworked to be less random and have slightly more cost attached. The other frantics were made a bit less random but otherwise remain the same. Thank you everyone who suggested this on the old forums, some a little bit too passionate (*cough* lake *cough*) and of course the late besty. Malice Beam was given a slight buff as it was overshadowed by other items in its class. It should be roughly on par now. Swoop was given a large buff to make this "useless" drone into a heat-generating powerhouse for the right build. Make no mistake - it might not be targeting cooldown, but with the right setup, the little swoop is going to wreck some builds. Thank you @CyberRodrigo for shining a light on this item on the forum. Anguish was given a minor rework and buff to focus it on its unique selling point (hitting the energy regeneration) and make it feel a little more powerful. Thank you everyone for your countless suggestions, advices and opinions. I tried reading them all but it's hard sometimes. Thank you to the Volunteer Balance Team for taking their time discussing it with us and helping us ( @Elcent and @CleverName with their Spreadsheet mumbo-jumbo, @Lord Gorgon for harsh opinions and @Purific, @MatiasKurt, @That1Guy, @DarkJailu, @Raul, @Fluffeh, @Zylok for valuable inputs, sorry if I forgot someone who contributed!) We'll release the change on the countdown ends. Please forward it to your friends and please keep in mind that if you find something very OP about this, it probably won't last for very long. And if you find it's insufficient, there's a good chance we'll buff it again soon. Good luck experimenting, pilots!
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  3. Hi guys Let me give the good example and introduce myself! My name is Alexander but everyone calls me Alex. I am 28 years old, I am into sailing, ski-ing, reading, writing, anime/LNs, games and cooking. I started playing a game called BattleDawn back in 2006 when I was 14 and was asked to help test SuperMechs by a BD Admin back before it was public and just kind of stuck around. I lead a team called NCR (New Corgi Revolution) in Battle Dawn with Josh (Malicewolf) and am a member of the Shiba Revolution in Super Mechs. I studied Software Engineering, but frankly I find most things interesting. Some years ago I was hired by Ilona to be Community Manager (we talked a lot and she suggested I apply if I really want to improve BD/SM so much, so I did), she however didn't stick with the company after that so I had to kind of learn the job on the spot on my own. And take parts of her job (Product Manager) while at it. This went pretty well and I formed a pretty natural gear in the SM and BD teams, but when the SM Team grew it became harder and harder for me to feel like I was making a meaningful impact. I went to Michael (Tacticsoft CEO), told him to either give me something else to do or I'll have to walk away eventually. He asked me what I want to do then and I offered to take over Battle Dawn instead, which was orphaned without a manager and close to a shutdown. I took it over, it went pretty well, Battle Dawn didn't get shut down, grew a lot. We recruited Josh and Elcent who are awesome human beings and eventually Michael passed me onto a guy who was buying the rights to make a Battle Dawn sequel. We got along and after spending a lot of time discussing with each other, we decided to buy Battle Dawn itself as well. I re-recruited Ilona to the team (sadly she left a while ago again :P) and re-recruited Simmen, Gato Games was born. We improved Battle Dawn's servers a lot, I got the title of CEO, we recruited Gaurav, Fluffeh and Kenny and eventually got a chance to buy Super Mechs... Which at the time we couldn't. Got another one and this time we could and did. So yeah, here we are and here I am. Please be nice to me.
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  4. Alexander

    Upcoming Balance Changes

    Hi Pilots, Even in the holidays we'll be hard at work fixing problems and cheating but there's also something else in the closet - balance. We'd like to start doing semi-regular (at first we'll ramp it up to once per 2 weeks or so, we'll slow it down again over time as the game gets more balanced) balance changes to both, improve the game balance and keep the meta from getting stale, with the first being the sole priority for the next few months when it comes to balance. For this reason we're recruiting a balancing team to help advice us on potential changes through discussion in addition to the new "Balance Changes" suggestions category to help give us a more broad idea. For december (with our internal deadline at january 3) we hope to balance roughly 5-10 items, we prefer buffs over nerfs but obviously both options are in the card based on need. Thank you for your patience everyone - we hope you'll help us make this game much better!
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  5. You know how it works. The point of this thread is to introduce yourself to get to know each other better, so feel free to post a picture of yourself, please no inappropriate pictures.
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  6. New computer came in today: Alienware Aurora R11 Specs - 1TB M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD (Boot) + 2TB 7200RPM SATA 6Gb/s (Storage) - 10th Gen Intel Core i9 10900KF (10-Core, 20MB Cache, 3.7GHz to 5.3GHz w/Thermal Velocity Boost) - 64GB Dual Channel HyperX(TM) FURY DDR4 XMP at 3400MHz - NVIDIA(R) GeForce(R) RTX 2070 SUPER(TM) 8GB GDDR6 (OC Ready) [bad I know but I might upgrade it later; tbd] - Lunar Light chassis with High-Performance CPU Liquid Cooling and 1000W Power Supply
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  7. # What's up Pilots! With a new Forum, comes a new Flex Thread I call this one Flex Thread: The Revival. I hope this new series continues to be as popular as the same beloved Flex Thread in the old forum The new layout will take a while to get used to and I"m not sure it's suitable for a flex thread but here we go again :)))))))
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  8. Alexander

    Report-based Banwave

    Hi Pilots, We've just done a relatively limited banwave targeting certain cheats based on reports. A few obvious non-reported accounts were caught as well. Please note we're intending to do another small one if necessary and then a bigger, more thorough one. The aim here was to remove the accounts currently causing the most grief in the arena, please report to us any cheater we may have missed via the form, we'll get to more unreported ones later. Similarly, duplicate reports by different people with different information are very helpful. Got banned? Please check our FAQ on appeals and ban errors. Thank you We're working on anti cheat fixes in the immediate future and intend to move onto balancing after, in paralel to our current work on the next event schedule.
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  9. Hi! I´m Wepwawet on the previous forum and Nefertary Meriten-Mut is my nickname on the game. I started playing in March 2016, I was going through a period of work stress due to overwork and Supermechs helped me distract with something new, since I had 0 experience in multiplayer online games. I thought it would be temporary, but the stress passed and Supermechs stayed. My real name is Nancy and I hope to have a fair, transparent and equal opportunity game for all. I would like to help improve the conditions of the f2p player. I also have a project to make a blog to relate my personal experience in the game. Cheers!
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  10. Hello fellow mech pilots! As you all know the grind can be a lot in the game and therefore I would like to a range of topics over the next few weeks to create suggestions to improve this. Please keep in mind these suggestions are only my own opinion and not that of Gato Games. Of course if you also have suggestions please feel free to make them below but please keep on topic! Each of these threads will be dedicated to a certain area to ensure the discussion is focussed on a key area. If your point is not to do with the key area then feel free to make your own thread! Item Limit The item limit was added as we moved to reloaded and hit a lot of players hard. It has never been liked and has even ruined some accounts due to having tens of thousands of items. Now that we have gotten used to the item limit it does have some large negatives: In a game that certain items are hard to find it forces you to chuck away the ones you do have. To boost up items you have to do multiple iterations of buying - boosting - even when you have the money to do so. You can only buy 5 slots at a time and the cost increases every time. Forces pilots to hoard boxes unable to open them due to a full inventory and may not have the time/money to boost. But it also has some positives: Loading your inventory takes less time. New players are forced to learn about boosting. Overall I feel the item limit is just too restrictive when it doesn't need to be. I also expect the server work from a few extra item slots would not be a massive impact to the game. Therefore I would like to recommend the following changes to reduce this impact: Change inventory increase size from 5 to 25 in terms of slot size. Change inventory cost from to be half the current cost per 5 slots. Add an inventory limit of X spaces (suggested 1000). Anyone that reaches above this due to the above changes would get premium boxes equating to the amount of reds you would be owed. Give players an extra 50 slots per 50 levels. (50, 100, 150, 200, 250)
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  11. Alexander

    Happy Easter Everyone!

    Hi Pilots, We at Gato Games hope you will all have a great time with your family, even if it may be via video chats seeing the current situation. As a little gift from us, everyone on mobile should be getting an easter box in their notifications. Didn't get it? Don't panic! Some may have delayed delivery and for the next few days, anyone who logs on desktop or puffin (https://flash.puffin.com/http://supermechs.com/?hideall) will also get it. Please do pass that information on to your clanmates and friends. By the way, the box is also available in the store. It has a bit better droprates than the usual box and comes with a pattern bonus, so I hope for those of you who saved up, it's well worth it! Again, happy easter everyone!
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  12. Using a little filter because my skin is bad so this is a great reminder to start taking care of my face more (took this pic just now)
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  13. Liioh

    Flex Thread I

    I know, I know, I'm encroaching upon WinzKay's sacred role. However, I've seen that this is the most active topic on the previous forum, so it stands to reason that it'll be necessary (to some degree) on this new one. I'll start: And in the words of WinzKay: Flex it.
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  14. Hey folks, With the new forum, I guess I can finally give myself a proper introduction. By way of background, I played SM during legacy, quit, and returned around Dec 2019. Since then, I've grown to enjoy the game a good amount and am pretty active. I may have spent a cent or two on this game. I'm in the clan Trolls Fast and hopefully you'll see me around on the leaderboard. On a personal note, I'm a guy in my mid-20s and live in NY, USA. I work in private equity for wall street firm and have a decent finance background in other fields. I'm really good at chess and enjoy watching some TV shows/movies in my spare time. I'm pretty laid back and enjoy a good laugh. I won't disclose my name as I wish to remain private (but feel free to call me Clever). I also have a SM YouTube Channel - feel free to check it out! Cheers
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  15. Hi all, After discussing the Kongregate situation with their director of player relations, we've received permission to transfer certain data (inventories, levels) from Kongregate accounts to new accounts. This is an emergency option for those who are not willing to wait for Kongregate to potentially fix SuperNova. Please PM us on Kongregate after creating a new SuperMechs account here (*not in game, in game accounts will not be considered under any circumstances*) using Internet Explorer (or other old browsers, modern ones _will not_ work): https://forum.supermechs.com/forum/ucp.php?mode=register PM us the chosen username and we will proceed with the transfer for you. Please note that there may be bugs or loss of some progress in some cases, we will do our best to make things as smooth as possible. Your SM account on Kongregate will most likely no longer function after this. So, again, steps: Create a new SuperMechs Account using Internet Explorer on the old forums, not via the game PM us on Kongregate with the username of your new supermechs account, ideally with the following form: Username of your newly created SM Account as made per instruction: Kongregate PlayerID (if you know it): Do you agree with the transfer of your player data, regardless of potential losses or risks, bricking your Kongregate SuperMechs account: Yes/No This can only be done once, the PM must be sent from the Kongregate account that you used to log into SuperMechs. SuperNova will most likely not work after this, even if it is fixed in the future on Kongregate. This is a destructive action that may only be done once and can never be reversed. Thank you everyone.
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  16. Welcome to the SuperMechs Book of World Records! Here, in the list below, we have a list of records held currently by ... - a player / clan of the game - a member of the forum It can be broken or is being attempted. Medals Most Medals (players): bestplayeroftheworld (267) Most Medals (clans): HardToKill (255) Most Gold Medals (single): bestplayeroftheworld (32) Most Gold Medals (clan): DaddyTx (110) Most Gold Medals (clans): Reign Reforged (112) Most Silver Medals (single): CANOPY (17) Most Silver Medals (clan): bestplayeroftheworld (73) Most Silver Medals (clans): *HardToKill (91) Most Bronze Medals (single): CANOPY (12) Most Bronze Medals (clan): bestplayeroftheworld (92) Most Bronze Medals (clans): Littlelost your lost (101) Arena Most Arena Points (players): CleverName (505) Most Arena Points (clans):Trolls fast (5645) First +200 Arena Points (players):Lord Gorgon First +300 Arena Points (players):CleverName First +400 Arena Points (players):CleverName First +500 Arena Points (players): CleverName First +5000 Arena Points (clans): Reign Reforged Most Arena Wins (players / Reloaded): Made in Vietnam (3600) Most Arena Wins (players / pre-Reloaded): bestplayeroftheworld (2500) Most Arena Wins (clans): A TOP BR OFC (10881) Values Most Gold: GameSmasher (309,497,740) Most Tokens: CleverName (120,006) Most Clan Coins: bestplayeroftheworld (36633) Most Clan Coins (one round): druss (33252) Most Titan Tickets (one round):epicspeedster (557) Most Inventory Slots: CleverName (1000) Most Legendary/Mythical/Divine Items: CleverName (657) Most Arena Coins: DarkJailu (12959) Special Most Damage Titan (3 battles): druss33 (639,890) Most Damage Titan (single shot): Ricemech88 (3135) Most Turns (battle): Atusiff / liam36287 (1767) Most Premium Packs/Boxes Opening In a Row: CleverName (50 Packs / 250 Boxes) Most Premium Packs/Boxes Opened Total:CleverName (3250 Packs / 16250 Boxes) Most Platinum Platings: CleverName (25) Highest Score Clan War: Invicktus (5183) Miscellaneous List of GOAT Winners: Grosbite Splatter Wepwawet Z Particle Ricemech88 [SG] Black Goat Killer List of FOAT Winners CleverName (3v3) REVERZE (1v1) Forum (Old) Most Likes Received: WinzKay (24,797) Most Likes Given: rc1 (35,226) Most Votes in One Poll: Nemesis9 (323) Disclaimer: Unfortunately, the function that enabled other users to edit the topic in the old forum does not exist in this forum, thus temporarily pausing the continuation of this project. If I am just blind and unable to locate the buttons that lead me to open up the topic for others to edit, then please let me know. Otherwise, you will have to wait until the update that allows this function to exist appears in the meantime. This was last edited on 28/02/2021. All records are of times before this date so please do not be offended if your new record is not showing up on this list. Thanks once again, WinzKay.
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  17. Alexander

    Banwave 05-04-2021

    Hi Pilots, We've just done another banwave based on hueristical, behavioral player data in addition to reports, with an analysis done on the reported players, top 2000 players and players with certain suspicious statistics. We intend to keep improving this analysis and widen the scope as well, in addition to improving the overall system. As the last time, the goal was cleaning the arena, please report to us any cheater we may have missed via the form. Duplicate reports from different people *do* help. Got banned? Please check our FAQ on appeals and ban errors. Thank you
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  18. The past months ,several players have been deceiving the community by winning solo medals and reaching high ranking by boosting themselves using alt accounts or having others boost them. As a result, individual medals are losing their value and players become demotivated, competition is being destroyed. I believe the only possible way to deal with this is to make all Replays visible, including instant quit Replays so that the players who boost will be exposed at least. In that way they will probably stop boosting since the community will acknowledge that those players are ethically cheating. Please spend a few minutes/ seconds on the poll, your opinion matters a lot and can determine whether boosting will be prevented, and how soon this will be. The sooner, the better. I believe that since it has been several months already that competition is being harmed and most solo weekly wins are a lie, its high time action was taken, **as soon as possible** , so that the game will become a little better. The more making the game better by fixing any competition issues is delayed, the more pointless fixing it in the future becomes since more and more damage is being caused, damage that can not be eraised. Thank you for your time. @Alexander please visit this topic from time to time to see the results.
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  19. Bluz

    The corgi has landed

    Good day beautiful people, your corgi-obsessed 18 year old has arrived with a bittersweet feeling. New forums is now live and will have to let go of the old one (you know, I take back the bittersweet part. I'm happy that we have a new forum!). So, I'm pretty sure most of you know me for really liking corgis. I'm not sure why, but I'm most certain that it's because of how wholesome and genuine the smiles of these lovely creatures are, just enough to quickly switch my mood from bad to good. Take this floofy as an example: Anyway, for my general information as a Super Mechs player. Currently, my in-game name is "Corgi Bot" (for obvious reasons), can reach Rank 3 in every season (Rank 1 if I go tryhard mode in 1v1 season), and main heat and physical. I am a member of WLGang for about two months now, many awesome people that I've met there! Been a blast. Next, general in-real life stuff. First off, my real name is Carlos (but please do call me as Bluz), 18 years old, and lives in an archipelago with 7,107 islands called Philippines. I am the youngest and the only boy in siblings of five. Don't worry about me, I've been holding on for the past 18 years without losing it. Oh and yes, the age gap between me and them is also quite big. (5 years to my youngest sister and 10 years with my eldest) For my likes and dislikes, I don't like being around rowdy people. For instance, if my friends get a bit too noisy and start receiving unwanted attention, I'll start pretending that I don't know them. I like a good talk, but don't like talking for too long, kind of weird but it is what it is. And my hobbies, my most favorite is stuffing my face like there's no tomorrow then complain about the weight I gained. Yes, I'm a guy with a huge appetite, but lately I'm trying to lessen it even though it's hard for due to personal reasons that I do not wish to disclose. Generally, I am not a sporty guy but I do like playing less dynamic sports like badminton, tennis, etc. Things like basketball, soccer I tend to avoid since I easily get tired. I've been enjoying watching anime lately, so feel free to suggest some through PM! For some educational background, I'm currently unenrolled. But I should be in first year college undertaking BS Radiologic Technology. That's... pretty much it I guess. So as to about what kind of a person I am, I do not want to claim that I have this kind of personality because different people will have different perspectives to what I am like. To others, I am a very kind and gentle person, to others, I'm a degenerate asshole, you name it. Which is why I'll just let you guys decide to what kind of personality I have. (sounds kind of dumb, I know). Anyway, that kind of sums it up. It would be a pleasure to be in this new forum, albeit I still have yet to get used to it. As Darwin said, it's not the strongest nor the most intelligent who survive, but those who can be responsive to change. Good day ya'll and have a nice day!
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  20. Alexander

    Minor experiment

    Please be wary, we decided to test this on everyone instead of an AB test group, feedback is welcome. Bases currently have a higher gold cap, roughly 10% higher gold income at the higher levels, much cheaper common and quick common cards and more expensive legendary cards with roughly double the droprate of E-M items (we already raised the droprate of L-M items before). This is an experiment and is very very liable to change again in the immediate future.
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  21. Casual reminder for @Alexander to finally explain how the Prenium Packs drop rate works and why it's such a taboo to show out the drop rates from boxes like golden boxes from Legacy , it's already March 2021 .
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  23. Alexander

    Gato Games?

    28th feb is the last TS event
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  24. It's been a while since I last revealed my face...
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  25. The topic that almost went on for two years, updated daily's retirement topic. Feel free to post videos here and on your own topic if you have one like you did on the old forum, or do whatever you want. I've compiled a list of every single SM youtuber that has been on the list, with over 250 subscribers. (Sorted alphabetically, sorry sub count-ers) Alexander bR (Alexander Clark, Alex2040 bR) Adam Rizky Mubarak AnnualFriend755 Artem Asri Tadda Atusiff (jhjln87) bestplayeroftheworld Brady0707 Boss Car Gamer Chinaski CHIPS CleverNameSM ClockLiuOG COOKIE Cowmama7 YT cymark DOOM BRINGER dwightx ElChoco SM FAIOLA GAMES firewater789 Funfortainment GoldBuster Guided Servant Gutblaster Gaming Hauer Horatio iDani RF Josemar xavier Juan Spagz Kay (WinzKay) Kismas xD Klown (ARC_KLOWN SM) KMasterFlex YT L4K3 V. Låszêskï Madao san MakeHappyVideos Mandarun MAX GAMES MegaSebolek MinionAlpha MR.H Mr.Tes|1k Mr boo (KhaZiX) Nicronomicon Cruasad Exmoderun RG (Revenroxin, Dark Virus, GHG KPAKEH) NinjaBoyGM Perstie politewond 54 Purific Rambo Gaming SAINT777 Gamer Solitaire SM Sr. Lauty Stefan Ludak Stevecelord VoidPower StormWeaver Super Mechs: Mech Battle Arena SuperMechs Vietfans TheWolfPreys Unlucky Joe [Super Mechs] WindForge WolDred CVX (Megabot CVX) World Changer (Nova YT) Yeet (SimpleoN YT) Yumiko Gaming (DARK XGAMING) I have something similar to this list, and can be of aid for all SMYT or ones interested in. Join here: https://discord.com/invite/tHmhGKunVk
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  26. Andernut

    Andernut's Travels

    Hey guys, For the second time in my Supermechs Life I've changed clans. When Kongregate servers merged with the Supermechs server (long before reloaded) my clan in Kong mostly folded, I think most of them actually went to HTK. At the time, I have no idea why, some players in HTK didn't accept me because they thought I was a spy or alt of someone else - so when Dany/Littlelost of LLYL invited me to join I accepted. I almost didn't join at the time - I thought they would all be cocky jerks because they were long-reigning Gold Medal clan, and it turns out they weren't and we had many good times and many medals and build discussions. Most of the faces I knew in those days with LLYL are gone now, but for many years I played alongside Wep, Gros and Nagi and some other longtime players in LLYL, even leading for a time. It'll hold a special place for me certainly - and be weird to face that clan flag. But I've made many friends over the years, and now more of those friends are in other clans than in my current one. I have much admiration for the leaders and players in all of the clans, my connection to the game is more generally with all the players than it is to any specific clan. It took more than 10 minutes of trying to figure out how to actually leave a clan, since I've only done so once, years ago. I have accepted an invitation from some friends in Reign to join. So for now, that's where I'll be playing from. Much love to LLYL and the players and friends there, I just needed a bit of a change. Still playing though. Cheers! Andernut.
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  28. bumbum

    Flex Thread I

    I'm gonna bless your eyes with my fortune box
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  29. Hope you like! Super Mechs Theme (Cover by Zy Theck).mp3
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  30. rc

    In Memory Of

    I want to honor the fallen forum members that didn’t make it thru their forum ban. The harsh reality of this forum... As far as I know, they didn’t deserve a forum ban. With that said, every time someone gets ban, we lose a voice in the forum. As it is, we lost a lot of people after the transfer from the old forum. This forum is a pale shadow in comparison to the old forum in activity and usability. May they find a better life without this forum. F
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  31. CleverName

    Current Meta Builds

    In this thread, I’ll post what I believe to be the best builds in the game (meta builds). Everyone is welcome to post and debate meta builds. META = Most Effective Tactics Available (i.e. what's the best build in game to help you climb the ladder in arena and have the highest win rate). I've excluded "popular" builds that aren't really "meta." I'm defining meta as the best builds in their respective element and must at a minimum be able to achieve Rank 1 full stars (and preferably have the highest win rate possible). The "best" builds are of my own opinion from arena testing. Note this isn’t a build help thread. If you need build help, please go there. If you want to view older meta/top-tier builds, please go here. I will maintain this thread for as long as I have the motivation Last updated: 5/13/2021 Best Build in Game: “Best Heat” PHYSICAL Best Physical HEAT Best Heat Boiler Dual Magma ENERGY Best Energy Dual Brightroar Dual Bunker
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  32. (credit to Raul for the bottom panel and Pavka for the title)
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  33. Miron_Mironovich

    Trolls fast

    Welcome to the new SuperMechs community. We create a new clan thread to find new players and to promote clan activities. Due to the fact that the Trolls fight every week for the highest place on the podium - we have certain requirements for potential newcomers. If anyone is interested - leave a message here and we will discuss all aspects in private communication. Feel free to offer yourself. If you need help building .. if you want to be competitive - you're on the right track. We also have a little secret - we don't know what an S box looks like ......... We will gladly accept new members to our family and give them the jo