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  3. To what people are we sending our prayers to? Can you name them...
  4. You could be banned on the old forum for little to no reason. You wanna explain to me what "!" means for a permanent forum ban? I'm assuming you should know. This topic originally had nothing to do with hackers. You're the one who brought up cheaters
  5. math 
    1+1= 11
    2+2= fish 

    3+E= 8

  6. A Drill arm Although sometimes I feel that you are a worker who is being exploited by the community doing too much fanart.
  7. The price of this offer make me concerned the quality of th premium pack .
  8. So now I don't know if I wrote it grammatically incorrect or it was written in Chinese Mandarin, but where do I blame Maria? I am just praising her for not being forced to force snitchers and people who are relational and demanding people like Grosbos, Nefertary, etc (let's be honest) a lifetime ban. Only thanks to Maria are they banned only for a certain period of time. You convicted himself. If you were in Maria's place, you would give them a lifetime ban. Thank God you're not in her place. Don't take everything as an attack on the game, on Alex, and don't put yourself in a posi
  9. Why not just ask her? And if the "rules are written" like you claim, how is it Marija's fault when people break them? With all due respect, if people can't read the rules and follow them, it won't matter who's in charge of bans. That's like the hackers who blame @Marija for banning them, or whoever else. My response to those types of people is "Play stupid games, win stupid prizes." (Stupid games = hacking, etc.) If people break the rules, they have no right to complain when they're enforced. I have zero sympathy for trolls and hackers. In the real world's workplaces, p
  10. Apparently he thinks of people who were critical of the regime. It was people who helped a lot with this game, or in some other way tried to point out and uncover certain bad things in the game. It is clear that certain rules are written. But sometimes the problem is that people are wrong about criticism and toxicity. I think Marija is being pushed by people who are close to GATO to give a lifetime ban. I also think that she has to fight hard to defend her autonomy. I also think the owner doesn't have time for this game so there are a few people who take care of everything. But maybe I'm wrong
  11. Before I joined the forum I was not very good. But when I did join I was able to learn a lot about this game and make friends. This may sound cliche but I think the reward I got was being better at the game.
  12. I don't have this offer. Not bad really. Worth it if you're PTW and need tokens and food.
  13. Aside from regular, day-long sales, there are also random offers that will pop up at any time (like the one shown here) - they’re never purchasable with tokens, though.
  14. I don't have the offer. I get different all the time to buy tokens
  15. We don't have to understand some things, we just have to accept them.
  16. Is it only me getting this offer? Try to compare rm13 to usd. This is greatest offer I ever get. The time limited tho...
  17. I have had this idea for a while but never really thought that it was worth sharing, but rn I can't sleep and there's nothing to do so, why not? As the title says I think that there should be certain rewards for joining the forum. Reward for creating forum account - 1 or maybe 2 silver boxes Reward for 100 non-reported posts - 1 premium box Reward for 100 rep - 1 premium box Reward for 500 non-reported posts -1 premium pack Reward for 500 rep - 1 premium pack Tweaks and additions are welcome and if you think that there shouldn't be rewards for existing f
  18. I am hungry now. Please peperoni extra cheese
  19. I have a simple question, what is 1+1?


    No I have not lost my mind, and yes I do know the answer.


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