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  2. Sadly no i used to play different flash games in different Arabic flash games websites
  3. Hello y'all. Do any of you remember Friv.com? There used to be around 250+ Flash games on it. You can still visit it at frivclassic.com, but sadly, you can't play any of the games there. I used to play on this website when I was a kid, so do any of you remember it?
  4. Yep, I remember almost every single one you all said! :] Except Intrusion and Jacksmith. Can you tell me about them? Also, does anyone remember old Friv.com?
  5. I liked Intrusion 1,2 Papa louie Old supermechs
  6. It was good game i didn't play it but i played other games made by the same studio such: 1.papa louie 2:when burgers attack 2.jacksmith 3.cactus MCcoy I remember series of game called super mario flash 1&2 were the ones i played
  7. A game that I like and played before flash got discontinued is Papa’s Bakeria. I really liked it and grinded it a bunch. You can still play it on coolmathgames.com

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