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  2. I used to play with this the old game boy in the 1970's. Yes, I know, it is not food but nostalgic. When I was young back in the early 70's' or 70's sure some of the 80's included, I loved RC planes. My dad been in the military service used to fight bombers and few other things. In his days, he used to make RC planes when he was young and played with them on different fields. He is now 93 years old so think about it. He was a kid flying and making them back in the late 1940's. He sold them but I remember few of his originals and I was able to fly them. He had one B17 untouched original box 6 feet's long and wings. We needed to assemble with the 4 original engines in the box for many years and was made of Balsa like used to be back then. He got it long before met my mother. We spend countless hours days, weeks etc till got ready. We look at RC radio controls to fit and make it work from my times back in the early 70's. We painted green and was looking awesome. That was a good time with my dad. We flew that one few time but we had to move to another place "again" and there was no room for it. I was a kid and heart broken. We moved to the new location, and we made a Cessna 150 and painted blue Air Force color insignias. We put it to fly only one time then we hanged in my brother room ceiling and never again tried. We wanted to preserve that one been Balsa model and not wanted to be smashed as sometimes happen landing. It was like this one but military look. Then I got my own working. I got my Spitfire close to this one. Got a P-38 Yes, Orange color similar to that one below. Loved a lot. Then I got a biplane, but I forgot the model close to that one. Then I got this one. Was made of plastic and with string hand manual control to fly it. It was a trainer airplane. How used to work was fun in some ways. The engine was real and needed gas like the others. Just no RC but your own hand. You needed a flat road or area like a park or in the street. Will extend the strings to reach the maximum distance and at the end there was a plastic manual control with 2 fingers. Needed to set up the speed ahead if you can see it next to the engine black color. Someone else needed to release for you then you needed to rotate yourself controlling the plane to lifted and stay going in circle till gas was gone. WOW. I was 9 years old. Sadly, we moved to another place and my mother was pissed at me flying the damn thing all the time and when we moved my special boxes were gone. She sold them without my permit and was my own money worked. I still remembering that to her till today. I still angry at her for it. I was so pissed that 6 months later when I was able to work again and make my own money, I got more RC planes just to make her angry. Then I got a Messerschmitt and following the line I got a Corsair. I wanted this one because back then I used to watch Pappy Boyington TV show at 1975 or so. Ha-ha. Was fun show but short. Sad. Then I got like this one a P-51 In mean time I used to have few RC boats unable to see similar images. Sadly, I can't remember well the manufacturer even I remember looks. Had few small Helicopters. like them
  3. strudel with poppy seeds with glass of cold milk,i would kill for it
  4. i've enjoyed this italian cartoon when i was kid rest of list: pat and mat muppet show Monty Python star trek The Twilight Zone The X-Files Cheers 3rd Rock from the Sun Only Fools and Horses Everybody loves Raymond BLACKADDER 'ALLO 'ALLO!
  5. yeah, back in the 90's. I had already university completed and working. was fun.
  6. Hmm, too many. 1- Old American cartoons. 2- Ultraman 3- Ultra seven 4- Mazinger Z 5- Bionic Man/Woman 6- SWAT 7- Starsky and Hutch 8- Battle star Galactica, 1999 9- Wonder Woman 10- MASH 11- Columbo 12- Kung FU 13- Kojack 14- Police woman 15- Hulk 16- Aquaman 17- Little house 18- WEll, so many others as anime, cartoons and TV programs and TV shows. So many
  7. I really do not know about those online been down. Sure, many now with the loss of Flash.
  8. Well...hmm... I spend my childhood in different countries and locations in USA. From my mom I will say 1- noodle meat soup made from scratch. Really good in reality and have not one as good so far in the market or restaurants. Not eaten since kid. 2- Funche with cod or red beans. Funche is corn starch make it like making regular rice. It can be eaten with milk or beans and others. I do not try that with milk since kid time. 3- Balaju fish just caught in the early morning first capture and going to the market at 5 am and get it for dinner. Not eaten since then. 4- Bacalao con verengena. That is cod with egg plant in tomato sauce with nice others stuff to give nice flavor. Not eaten since kid. 5- Bread from Don PEPER BAKER. so good. Sad when the building got fire. USA New Mexico 6- At the roadside there was a guy making Chicken BBQ, but the cow large ribs BBQ was amazing, and no other BBQ has tasted like that one so far. Back in the Caribbean. 7- Salmorejo de jueyes. it is a kind of crab soup. Mis that and the special hot sauce for the plantain never taste a hot sauce better so far. 8- Ramen bar places back in Japan when I was in Japan. 9- Back in Panama there was a lot of similarities in food with Puerto Rico with differences but been apart was very curious like sancocho , corn tortillas, carimanolas, ron ponche, pargo frito and few others. Never eaten since then. There are many others, but I can talk later about them.
  9. no idea about that one. There were many others too but sadly I do not remember now their names from the 90's and 2000,s. I just can't remember the names. Maybe in my old cd backups from that era. might be around in my favorite's files.
  10. Sadly no i used to play different flash games in different Arabic flash games websites
  11. Hello y'all. Do any of you remember Friv.com? There used to be around 250+ Flash games on it. You can still visit it at frivclassic.com, but sadly, you can't play any of the games there. I used to play on this website when I was a kid, so do any of you remember it? Update: You can play some of the old games now! :]
  12. Yep, I remember almost every single one you all said! :] Except Intrusion and Jacksmith. Can you tell me about them? Also, does anyone remember old Friv.com?
  13. I liked Intrusion 1,2 Papa louie Old supermechs
  14. It was good game i didn't play it but i played other games made by the same studio such: 1.papa louie 2:when burgers attack 2.jacksmith 3.cactus MCcoy I remember series of game called super mario flash 1&2 were the ones i played
  15. A game that I like and played before flash got discontinued is Papa’s Bakeria. I really liked it and grinded it a bunch. You can still play it on coolmathgames.com

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