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  2. There is, because if you are one of those who want to get a lot tokens from the raid you will need special mech with no backfire weapons, res breakers etc. But how do you test them if you don't have the needed materials?
  3. .... why don't you .... just go make your own WU.
  4. This probably won’t work I already tried asking for this and Raul said no There’s really no point in this the rest are good suggestions
  5. 1. Add SOME legacy items. Like the biters because some mechs might need double grappling hooks, lightning gate because it's a double tp that deals damage etc. Edit: Add the 1 weight teleporter too, even though it's a common item. 2. Add an option to activate the 20% hp bonus. 3. Add a way to battle some mechs from the campaign. Like Madboy, Hellgate etc. 4. Add a way to battle titans. 5. Add a way to try raid 4, 5 and 6. 6. Add 2v2 and 3v3 battles. 7. Add items that can't be ascended because most new players use them. This will make WU useful not just for pros. 8. Add a way to log in, log out and sign up so you don't need to waste time building the same mechs multiple times if you play on multiple devices. 9. Add paints, color kits and visuals.
  6. Should I contact you?
  7. Ik how to make custom items now I just need help implementing this one It won't show up I t.hink it needs to be saved to the web but... I kinda forgot how to do that. (I'm talking about the img) Got it fixed
  8. refresh the page ? i already got that on my other device but after refresh everything worked, however the problem i got here i not got this message ( also the problem is still not resolved maybe i will should ask to Raul about the bug i got ) .
  9. For not real reason I wanted to use again the legacy items, so i use this datapack by raul with only legacy items https://gist.githubusercontent.com/ctrl-raul/f39e6637b5fbda1f7d4e58fb50c0399e/raw/ ,from Url i send and.. a crash of the program ? I refresh the page and i blocked at this infinite loading... i don't why this version of Wu crashed when you use this datapack ( with a older version of Wu its have not problem for use the legacy item ) . ( i play on a huawey device ) Edit : I managed to take a video but not very long because my memory limit limits me to it, but i tried to wait 5 minutes but this didn't change . ( yes i should clean my tablet lmao.. ) VID_20220315_225501.mp4
  10. That happened for me too, try to replace the 3 forteress by a matrix and a platine plate to have stats closer to the real stats with the forteress .
  11. ok. first of all, all the images in WU have a specific memory linked page in Github. along with the original source files. idk where you put your image files, and idk really how to link them, but that's that. second.... "format" as in the file type or size? size is not format and format is not size. two different things. what you gave, that 550 x 400 is size. if you want to know what file format/file type it is, some of them are PNG and some are SVG. PNG is a raster-based graphics file type that supports lossless compression and alpha channel. SVG is a vector-based graphics file that is only openable on browsing engines like google chrome. (i've never tried on MS edge so idk). SVG is less supported these days.
  12. Hello, For Wu I finnaly success to create the mod but now is a another problem, the image normaly is a format of 550×400 so i adapted my image on this format, i add the image on the mod ( with an image host) and more than testing my new item on wu .. Oh .. I don't know what i supposed to do but i sure is a problem of the image because with a another image of Wu it work but then it's not the right image anymore .
  13. I wanted to introduce another item, as you said i corrected the format problem and to write the data i just copied - pasted and replaced the values and the names what could go wrong ? ... Computing is definitely not my thing ...
  14. Alright. I'll be able to do pack item additions at (mostly) any time, just let me know whenever you get an idea for an item you want to add next.
  15. For the moment not other Idea but i will soon go to sleep ,at m'y place it is 11 pm 35
  16. No problem, I'm always looking for ways to keep myself occupied, anyway, so it's all good. If you have any other item ideas, I could possibly add them into the pack as well. Just show the item and its stats and I'll get to adding it to the pack.
  17. [ sentence deleted because... that traducted in other language for no reason ] Otherwise is super's well done it really look like it's a real item
  18. Alright, thanks for the info. I just needed that to determine whether it was going be shown as a non-premium item or a premium one in the workshop. @Electro I finished making a WU item pack that has the normal SM items as well as your item. I used my stomp damage suggestion for the amount of damage that they do but I can change them to the standard amount if you prefer. ElectroWU.json Here's what the item looks like in the workshop's leg item menu and on a build equipped with Windigo (buffs are on): It uses the same attachment points that are used for Rolling Beasts. Took me several attempts to get them to a size that looks fitting (original image that was provided made them 3x larger than the Windigo;). I also removed the white background via a background remover AI website since the background needs to be transparent, otherwise the background will appear as if it was part of the item (which never looks good in WU). Let me know what you think about it and of any changes to the item's stats or size that you'd want me to make, if there are any.
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