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Happy Easter Everyone!



Hi Pilots,


We at Gato Games hope you will all have a great time with your family, even if it may be via video chats seeing the current situation. 

As a little gift from us, everyone on mobile should be getting an easter box in their notifications. Didn't get it? Don't panic! Some may have delayed delivery and for the next few days, anyone who logs on desktop or puffin (https://flash.puffin.com/http://supermechs.com/?hideall) will also get it. Please do pass that information on to your clanmates and friends. 


By the way, the box is also available in the store. It has a bit better droprates than the usual box and comes with a pattern bonus, so I hope for those of you who saved up, it's well worth it!

Again, happy easter everyone!


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I bought one from the store. Really nice event Alex. I do feel the past couple months have set a really nice tone by Gato games!


I don’t have my free one yet and am a mobile player. Can some one upload a screen shot of what a notification is? I’m not familiar with this term.

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The post says it may be delayed a few days and will show up in notifications. I was just asking if anyone can upload a picture of what a notification looks like as I am unsure if I know what it is.

lol I panicked and just downloaded the windows app to get the reward. Thanks again Alex!!!

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Yeah i don't get'it. Remembering of a christmas event my clan members don't have a boxes too. I new hands a game go worse not better. 😟

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